The Rockstar Blue Oyster Bar

Rockstar launched highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV for PC, which should be one of the greatest games of all time for this platform, where this series actually started.

But things go bad, and forums all over the Internet are full of complaints about problems and to run this game, you need almost supercomputer from the far future. What irritates me most is Rockstar’s bad joke, that for the game, which has never been well known for it’s  multiplayer, but only singleplayer game experience, you now need even two simultaneously network accounts! One for Microsoft Games for Windows Live (what I believe was sponsored from M$) and one for Rockstar social club.

source: Rockstar

This is Rockstar’s black humor and I suggest them to rename their stupid  social club to The Rockstar Blue Oyster Bar ( Police Academy).

And they should first give VIP ticket for this bar to Microsoft (MSFT), who paid 50.000.000,00 USD Take-Two for exclusive download content to be available only for M$ Xbox 360 console (source). You sold your soul for 50 megabucks? So cheap? This is pathetic.


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One Response to “The Rockstar Blue Oyster Bar”

  1. zigak Says:

    50 M$ – that’s not cheap. I’d sell in a blink of an eye.

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